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no news?


No, it's not that there aren't any news. First, I still haven't recovered my blogflow. I have tried to locate it using various techniques, including breadth-first search (for the CS people out there) and tiny keychain flashlights (don't ask).

We are working ALot/7 to get the new, fully public release of share out the door. We are making quite a lot of changes based on the feedback of the invitation-only beta. We've run over some deadlines(TM) but since it's not by too many days and it's in the name of peace, prosperity, and stability, it's all a-ok.

So, there will be news Soon(TM), and after that maybe I'll sleep or something.

PS: "Soon" and "run over some deadlines" are Registered Trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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Posted by diego on May 25 2004 at 6:23 PM

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