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JDIC: JDesktop Integration Components

Sun has released the first version of JDIC (here's a link to the documentation). These APIs provide desktop-environment integration for Java apps, such as registration of components for certain filetypes or hyperlinks, a simple component that embeds a native web browser, and a few other things.

Sun is very late to this party, particularly considering that the Eclipse framework has had similar functionality for months. But, "as they say" :), better late than never. Let's hope that Sun isn't just paying lip-service to desktop integration with this and that they are starting to put some full-time resources behind it (ie., that they use the LGPL license as a good way to spread technology rather than as a way to off-load development to others). Sun still has a lot to do in this area.

Posted by diego on June 8 2004 at 11:43 AM

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