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StAX (aka JSR 173) @ codehaus

One more, Don alerts me (ok, maybe not just "me" but no one was next to me staring at the monitor when I saw his entry! Lame excuse for egocentrism, I know, what what are you gonna do...) to something that I wasn't aware of: the open-sourcing of BEA's StAX (JSR 173) at codehaus. (rather, I knew this was supposed to happen, but last time I checked I couldn't find signs of it, and I ended up getting the 1.0 StAX RI from JavaSoft). Here's the link to the main StAX site there. Nice. I've been using StAX for a while now and it's become an indispensable component in our toolkit.

ps: to anyone that might be thinking that I enjoy writing subjects full of acronyms that are understood only by a small band of geeks on Earth, as in the case of this entry, I'll confess: yes, yes I do. Very much so. :))

Posted by diego on June 21 2004 at 10:28 AM

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