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eclipse 3.0

I am now downloading Eclipse 3.0 final (released yesterday, apparently) for both Windows and Mac OS X. I had the luck of finding a mirror that is giving speeds of 100 KB/sec, which is excellent (the main download sites all maxed out at around 5 KB/sec, at least for me). I also found a BitTorrent tracker list, but it didn't include 3.0 -- only up to RC3, and then again it was only for Linux and Windows.

Anyway, this comes in handy as I am finishing the setup in a new machine--I had installed RC3 but now I'll just move over immediately and finish making the changes to the configuration (one of the main problems I have with Eclipse is how difficult it is to move over from one version to the next--settings have to be changed, reset, exported and imported in multiple places--maybe I just don't know what to do exactly, I don't know). Aside from that, and various quirks notwhistanding, I've been quite happy with Eclipse as an environment, its integration with CVS and Ant, etc. The release of 3.0 final is a major step forward.

Good stuff.

Update: Don has a number of interesting comments on the 3.0 release, including wondering why they released ahead of schedule, and mentioning version migration problems (which is sort of a relief to read -- now I know I'm not the only one!)

Posted by diego on June 26 2004 at 1:31 PM

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