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and now it's StAX's turn

It seems I need some bug spray or something...

I might be wrong (corrections and comments most welcome!) but I think I've found a bug in StAX 1.0.

The bug is as follows: when parsing an element of the form:

Which should return
when calling getElementText() (or when parsing based on CHARACTER event types) StAX actually returns:
To prove it, I wrote this small test program that uses both StAX and kXML 2 (which implements the Common XML Pull Parsing API) to parse the same XML document (included in the program as a String, and read through a StringReader).

This bug is a deal-breaker for my use of StAX, and what's much worse is that I have no way of looking at the code to fix it (and yes, I've tried parsing after that element to see if there's more text, but it seems that StAX is just making the "&gt;" at the end disappear). Yes, StAX was supposed to be hosted at codehaus now, but when I go to the site there's nothing there in the way of sources, the JSRs don't include sources (they reference private BEA packages) and there is no indication of when or where this might change.

So I guess I'll have to switch everything to one of the other parsers, just as kXML. Oh, well.

Posted by diego on July 12 2004 at 6:48 PM

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