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when task manager makes you smile...

... you probably need to get a life. But that's a topic for another day.

I was just final dogfood testing the upcoming new release of clevercactus pro on my own data and it made me happy enough that I decided to post about it.

Btw, by "dogfood testing" I mean passing the "eat your own dogfood" test, which stands for completely switching over to (and relying on) the shiny new widget that you're about to unleash on the world.

One of the major changes on the new release of pro is on performance+memory usage (which are closely related when dealing with a memory-managed environment). Previous releases of pro, while efficient, started to be a burden when getting to a certain DB size. In my case, with about 15,000 items on my mail store, pro regularly used up all of the available memory in the VM. It did work when constraining the available memory, but the point is not to work past the limit but never to reach the limit at all. So the last few days I've concentrated on further improving that aspect of it.

While I have been using the app myself for a while now --months actually--, I've relied on the previous version as well, just in case. Finally, today, I flipped the switch for good and ceremoniously deleted the previous version from my system. All that remained was double-checking the effect of the upgrades, including the most recent changes.

Lo and behold, when I loaded the database and checked memory usage the app was holding at around 15 MB for regular usage and peaking at around 50 MB when poking it hard enough. Over time, usage dropped down back to 15 MB. And minimizing it, that is, eliminating the memory needs of display, etc, usage dropped down to literally nothing: 2 MB.

Much work remains, and while you might argue (rightly so) that this only brings the app to par with others, it's still a small rush when it's your code that is doing it.

Yeah, I'm happy about the new RSS/Atom parser, or the other many improvements in it, but this was a long-standing goal that I'm glad to finally cross off the list.

Anyway, I'm itching to get this rev out and concentrate back on share. Now for a bit of rest--more tomorrow!

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Posted by diego on July 13 2004 at 11:10 PM

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