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lost in the datastream

It's pretty obvious that I've lost all blogflow ain't it? Well. Lots of work, on a new (and important) feature of share. What are you gonna do...

I've been prowling through cyberspace lately. During breaks, or late at night before I go to sleep. And the feeling has been growing on me that we are at a threshold, where information really begins to take shape on its own.

Cyberspace. How long has it been since we've used the term as Gibson intended? Databases rising up like skyscrapers against a virtual horizon?

And it's not the web, not really, or rather, it's not just the web. Distributed networks, things like Project Gutenberg too. The web seems too much a world of its own, disjoint, bereft of solid footing. But all taken together takes on another quality, like a foundation. Not sure foundation for what, but it's definitely happening.

I have no idea why it seems to me that way now and not, say, at the peak of the "web bubble" in 1999/2000. Maybe because the web on its own appears too much like a monoculture, something too uniform in shape to be anything other than a static repository. But now, with these massive alternate mechanisms of information flow (say, BitTorrent) things are starting to look different to me. I might be wrong.

Anyway. Back to work.

PS: funny that whenever I post something like this I immediately start thinking of other things to write about. Writing begets writing. And so every entry that says that I've lost my flow ends up being the first in a stream. (Okay, enough with the blog-recursive thoughts.)

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Posted by diego on August 2 2004 at 12:40 PM

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