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Still a little dizzy by the seemingly sudden occurrence on Friday. Thanks to everyone who sent their congratulations, through blogs like Russ and Haiko, left comments (Frank, Chris) or emailed, IM'ed, or Voice'd :).

Took yesterday off. Second day off for the year! Whew! I'm a party animal!

Did not really pay much attention to the machine except ocassionally as I was doing some housekeeping on the drive, backing up, removing duplicate files (some of them, eventually I gave up and am now thinking of an automated solution), etc. Since I didn't really got down to it, it's still not really done. But getting there. A few days ago I got a Western Digital external 160 GB drive (USB2/Firewire) to actually make the backup, and even though it's not really portable (it weighs some 4 pounds with power adapter!) it has worked out really well so far.

I've been reading books again, too. The last 3-4 months I hadn't read a single book, and I was beginning to worry about that. But then last week I picked one up and started. Then another. As it always happens, the more I read the more I want to write, but I keep that idea in check--no time for it now. Maybe in a few weeks, after I submit the final revision for my dissertation and release the new version of share.

Another random thing that happened last week was that I was under a massive blog-spam attack. Hundreds of comments. The only recourse was to restore an old copy of the DB and rebuild (it was either that or spending hours deleting comments). As a result I am now backing up the DB more frequently and often disabling the comment script altogether, until I come up with a good solution. Maybe moving off movabletype, maybe moving to another machine (since rebuilds take so long on this one), I don't know. I am not too thrilled about the idea of wasting a day on that, but I'll have to do it at some point.

Today is digital day: reply to emails, to comments from users, reply to messages in the clevercactus forums, blog some.

More later then. :)

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Posted by diego on August 15 2004 at 12:12 PM

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