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Damn, I'm still in Wiki mode.

Which is, by the way, more than a pun. For some reason I keep thinking of EuroFoo as a sort of meatspace Wiki. A space where people come and go, asking questions, sharing ideas, showing what they've done or are doing or are about to do, and having fun while at it.

Backtracking: I got back yesterday night, exhausted but extremely happy. Ideas swarming in my head. The urge to code. Many, many thanks to everyone and especially Tim O'Reilly for organizing it. It was truly a great experience.

Today, mostly a day or readjustment to reality (as much as that's possible). In my head there's still an image of which I actually took a picture (which I'll look for later), of the bar at the EuroFooHotel at 1 a.m. on Saturday: soft light reflecting warmly on the wood all around us, at least fifty people still there, the tables a sea of coffee cups, beer mugs, cables and laptops (mostly powerbooks), with something fascinating happening at every table.

Okay. Next up: atomflow.

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Posted by diego on August 23 2004 at 9:11 PM

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