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Reason for not blogging this past week or so: officially: travel and such. Unoficially: blog-rest. Even more unoficially: blog-sloth.

Eternal Sunshine... is, btw, a fantastic movie. Not surprising it's the same writer as that of Being John Malkovich (another all-time favorite).

For some reason I decided to look up synonyms of sloth (see two paragraphs up). You've got (predictably) "laziness", "sluggishness", "lethargy", "indolence". But you've also got (less predictably) "spring fever" and "lotus-eating."

Lotus-eating? What the...?

"slothfulness" is, btw, another synonym for sloth.

And I'll stop with the synonyms already.

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Posted by diego on October 1 2004 at 1:28 PM

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