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adblock (and other Firefox extensions)

A must-have Firefox extension: adblock. Not only improves reading content online -- it also reduces bandwidth usage. I use it with sites that I pay a subscription for and that still insist on bothering me with ads, or when the ads have become so large that they cover a quarter of a browser's window (otherwise, I allow ads, since it's clear that it's how a site pays for its bills, something we all need to do).

Other Firefox extensions I use regularly: EditCSS, JSLib, Venkman and WebDeveloper.

Update: Luke notes, via email, that adblock does not save bandwidth--it only hides or removes the elements from the display layer. Good point, and thanks for the correction! I wonder how hard it would be to add that feature... it would probably still require downloading in some cases, to be able to calculate the width and/or height of what you're not including (if the size is not available in the tag) to maintain the layout...

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Posted by diego on October 20 2004 at 9:30 AM

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