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removing images from google's image index

Something that has increased load on my blog (and therefore server) beyond its already-high levels is the sudden appearance of images from my weblog as the first hit on many queries in Google Image search (example: "the lord of the rings").

This leads to people linking to the image from profiles in web boards or homepages, without hosting the image themselves. I ended up removing external linking for images, but the hits still arrive since people tend to copy the link without verifying that it won't work for them.

So that's a pain, and tempted as I am to replace the images with ads (heh) or something (such as an H2G2 'Don't Panic' image), I think a better solution is to remove them from the Google Image index altogether, which also means Googlebot won't be reindexing them all the time.

So, how to do it? The first search provided the answer. Done. Now to wait until the next google bot pass and google dance, and see if it works.

Posted by diego on October 20 2004 at 10:12 AM

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