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If you're reading this...

...then it means that you're accessing my weblog on my new server. The DNS switch will take a couple of days to propagate fully, but it's my experience that almost everybody sees the changes within 12-18 hours.

Finally! I started a few hours ago and by now it's mostly done. Had a few interesting experiences which I'll talk about more later. I still haven't finished moving everything over, since Eircom (my home's ISP) still hasn't updated its DNS tables (I'm posting this through an alias, and not everything works).

After the transfer is done, it will take me a bit to verify that all is well and backups are in place (just in case...) but everything should be back to normal by early next week.

Finally: if I haven't replied to an email you sent recently, wait a bit more (or send it again). The migration implies changing email systems, and that will take a bit to stabilize as well.

ps: I'm still a bit sick: my left ear feels clogged ocassionally, which is extremely disorienting and quite a pain, and I'm generally pretty congested, but definitely feeling better. Funny how easy we forget how good it is to feel normal.

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Posted by diego on October 22 2004 at 7:00 PM

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