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all systems go


I'd say that the process is basically finished. I'm sure that things will keep popping up over the next few days, but most things seem to be working.

The last thing I did today was upgrade to movabletype 3.12. The new comment moderation, as well as other comment management features, and dynamic pages made it a good option for me. There was a little snafu when upgrading the database but it was a combination of me reading the docs wrong and the mt-upgrade script telling me that everything was fine when it clearly wasn't (the DB was getting trashed). A short (and suprisingly quick) exchange with MT support made me realize my mistake (I had do two format upgrades in a row, first to 30 and then to 31) but aside from the obvious thought that the upgrade script should be a bit smarter about this (obviously it has to be a common occurrence) it was a pretty smooth experience.

I made some measurements on the old machine: posting an entry (i.e., individual rebuild, plus related indexes) was taking 3:30 minutes (yes, that's three and a half minutes). Unbelievable how we get used to things and we stop noticing them. With the new machine it's taking about 30 seconds. I would expect (hope?) that after the MT 3.12 upgrade this will be even faster. We'll see.

So--to test the new new thing I'm reopening comments in this entry and re-enabling them on the weblog, with comment moderation turned on. Let's see how long this lasts! :)

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Posted by diego on October 23 2004 at 10:51 PM

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