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the switch from berkeley db over to mysql

One of the objectives of my recent server switch was to move from Berkeley DB to MySQL (aside from an expected performance improvement, I was tired of seeing plug-ins for MT that I couldn't run-- example). Plus I feel more comfortable with MySQL. I followed the instructions for this in the movable type documentation and aside from some glitches during conversion (weird messages such as "WARNING: Use of uninitialized value in string eq at lib/MT/ line 754.") and one timeout (which forced me to restart the process after deleting the old tables) everything went fine.

One thing to note though, which the documentation doesn't make completely clear: when you run the mt-db2sql.cgi script, you must leave both the previous BerkeleyDB pointer as well as the configuration for MySQL. Once the conversion is done, you can comment out the BerkeleyDB location line. During the process, I also renamed the trackback and comment scripts, to avoid overlaps.

Now all seems to be running fine, and simple tests seem to show that some things are a bit faster (example: posting takes about 20 seconds, as opposed to 30 seconds before).

One more thing I can cross off the list. :)

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Posted by diego on November 6 2004 at 3:01 PM

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