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where to begin?

I've been up for more three hours now (woke up at 5 or so, that's what I get for going to sleep at midnight), and I've been thinking more about what to write and/or do in the next couple of weeks, aside from looking for the next big thing. As you can imagine I'm sort of in a bit of a hole right now and I think the best way to climb out of it is to get moving.

So... let's see.

  • I want to talk about my thesis work, now that the whole process is basically over (I picked up the bound copies of the dissertation last Friday, they look great). There's a ton of stuff there, but to begin with, the title of the thesis, is Self-Organizing Resource Location and Discovery. :)
  • Ideally I'd spend a bit of time coding something interesting and totally, absolutely, positively unrelated to what I've been doing for the last two and a half years. Reading (and re-reading) weblogs today, looking for some inspiration, I came across this post from Don Park in which he talks about the idea of creating a conversation category, to formalize (structure? make more "solid"?) a bit the tenuous links between cross-weblog conversation threads. I need to think a bit about that today. Anne's Forgetting Machine concepts are enticing, and with a cool name to boot, but when I think about that my brain keeps dragging itself into Gibsonesque (or maybe Stephensonesque) vistas of the datastream where bots run around forgetting where they've been and asking for directions. Entertaining, but not something I'd be able to code in a few days.
  • I'd also like to write up what I've learned, what my experience was with clevercactus. But I need a few days for that. Minimum. Will revisit that next week.
Okay. That sounds like a good starting point no?

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Posted by diego on November 30 2004 at 7:09 AM

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