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First, the support I've received in the last 24 hours is regarding my post on clevercactus amazing and heartening. When I collect myself I'll be more specific, for for now I just wanted to mention this.

One of the comments I've heard most since yesterday has to do with the funding thing. As Dave said, "Consumer focused companies are always difficult to get funding for in Europe". I can definitely attest to that. Lots of enterprise and "vertical" focus, and generally low tolerance for the risk/opportunity equation presented by those opportunities. To their credit, VCs are very candid about this, so it's not as if it's a secret or anything.

One thing we tried to get across is that we'd be totally open to moving to the US if that's what it took to get funded. We'd have no problem with that. But then again, not being there, it's hard to get in the door.

But the "virtuous cycle" created by Silicon Valley is hard to beat. One of the conclusions I will take away from this experience is that all the talk about the "Indian Silicon Valley" or "European Silicon Valley" or "[Insert geolocation here] Silicon Valley" is just plain ridiculous. There isn't a place like it in terms of investors, press, talent, etc., all deeply interconnected (well, maybe a couple of places in the US come close, namely the Seattle/Redmond area, Route 128, and NYC). I remember going to Il Fornaio in Palo Alto and just feeling it. It's where things happen. (Plus it ain't a bad place to eat).

So: there's only one Valley, the rest are close, but no dice. :)

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Posted by diego on November 30 2004 at 5:35 PM

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