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the final submission

Today I finally submitted the final, approved, (did I say final?) version of my dissertation! There was missing signature somewhere on the paperwork that finally showed up, and it was a go. I didn't have full confirmation that I could do it, but I just showed up at the Graduate Studies office on campus and it turned out I could. So I turned in the copies, one for the University library, one for the Department library, gave one to my advisor and kept one for myself (with the nice binding and all that).

There's one more thing that has to happen though (of course! always something else!), when "The Council" gets together and gives a final seal of approval to the theses that were finally submitted in the previous month. Or something like that. Plus I have to register for the ceremony, etc.

The whole thing has taken quite a bit longer than normal, but now it's really, really done. Next step, as I said, will be to post the full dissertation and continue talking about the algorithms, etc. I'm definitely thinking about creating a site for that to put all this stuff, including code, etc. More later.

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Posted by diego on December 8 2004 at 6:51 PM

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