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opml icon?

This webapp I'm writing for Nooked has, as one of its outputs, OPML (It outputs RSS as well of course). Now for the RSS output I'm using the common white-on-orange XML icon:

But for OPML there doesn't seem to be a common icon. I wanted something along similar lines, and I did this:

Now, my question is: Does this exist already? I have the strongest feeling of having seen this, somewhere... has anyone else? Why blue? I don't know. It seemed appropriate. One thing that bugs me a bit is that OPML is technically XML as well (although many OPML files out there don't validate) so you really have to look "beyond meaning" and just say "orange icon: RSS, blue icon: OPML" (or whatever) regardless of what they say. Maybe it's time to have an orange "RSS" icon? Or is the XML icon too ingrained by now?

Btw, there are many possibilities for this set of questions to spawn a flamewar, I'm really not interested in that. :) Mostly, I wonder: do people have a favorite way of representing OPML feeds, either in their own apps or as users? Any feedback will be appreciated!

Posted by diego on December 28 2004 at 12:32 PM

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