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new design

I have succumbed to the temptation! Yes! A few weeks ago I spent some time playing around with new designs, but none of them really convinced me. I was looking at them again this morning, though, and I realized that one of them wasn't too bad, and it could be a good starting point, considering also that the previous design was nearly a year old. So here it is... let's see how it works out. I still have some pages to update, particularly for the individual entries.

The new design is not that different really, mostly it reduces clutter and organizes things a bit (and gets rid of time-dependent elements in individual entries). One "feature" I like about it is that while it uses CSS, there is some structure maintained through tables (which the CSS kinda overrides). Purists will probably scoff at this, but I did it to maintain the design parameters when looking at the site with the venerable Lynx and older browsers. Lynx-compatibility is a crucial feature! Heh.

PS: you might need to do a hard-refresh in your browser to reload the CSS. Let me know if you see problems in a particular platform. Thanks!

Later: Holy Cow! Now that each individual page doesn't include links to archives and such, the rebuild process is about two orders of magnitude faster. It's now rebuilding some 20 pages per second, whereas before it used to take 5 seconds per page (Rebuild of a single entry on its own takes longer because it also rebuilds all associated indexes, but it's also much faster!). I've just rebuilt the entire site in like 4 minutes! That was all I had to do to get it to run faster? This makes me think that maybe the default entry/daily/archive templates for MT should not include so many dynamically generated links. Another lesson there somewhere...

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Posted by diego on January 3 2005 at 2:35 PM

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