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a quick update

I'm now in LA (Pasadena actually) in between meetings, and I have a few minutes so I decided to post something because clearly I'm not going to have time until next week to really sit down and collect my thoughts on all that's going on. So this is going to be one of those "weather reports" kinds of posts.

I was in the Bay Area until yesterday leaving pretty much with the rain (was that crazy weather or what? Thunderstorms in SF last Saturday! mudslides in LA! Today though it's clear skies and 60 F so it's all a-ok :)), flew down to LA and I'm here until tomorrow, when I fly up to ... Seattle. Yeah, Seattle! And the weather forecast says that it'll be sunny then (I said I was going to talk about the weather didn't I...) which is not what you'd expect from Seattle. :)

Then from Seattle on Saturday back to the Bay Area and back in Dublin next week. Yes, the schedule became more packed than was originally intended, and it all happened in the couple of days before last thursday (when I left). Very intense. Now I'm running up and down the West Coast and it's just crazy the amount of activity I'm seeing, even in the limited time I have and only talking to what are relatively small groups of people. The boom might not be back, but things are definitely happening.

I took a couple of pictures that I'd like to upload at some point but now I'm out of time. Maybe later I'll be able to log in from the hotel, but I'm not holding my breath: signal strength was pretty bad last night, and I couldn't get online, and when I do get online I need to do things more urgent than this. I ocassionally use the phone to check things, but it's both slow and expensive, so that's kept to only the minimum necessary.

More later, hopefully before next week. Tons of things I've wanted to blog about, including Apple stuff and other things. Stay tuned. :)

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Posted by diego on January 12 2005 at 11:20 PM

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