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old shoe, new shoe

For some reason I just remembered an exchange between Dennis Leary and Willie Nelson in "Wag the Dog" where Dennis Leary's character utters those words. That's how random my brain is.

Dylan, a good friend whom I stayed with in California (the first few days I was there at the beginning of January), has retired his weblog. He has a number of excuses (I mean, reasons!), which I want to ignore and hope he'll get back to blogging at some point, even if haphazardly. Dylan's foray into blogging is one of the reasons why I'm blogging, so at the very least, here's a digital Guinness raised in Warmbrain's honor. :)

On the new shoe front, Martin, another friend, has finally acquiesced to my constant babbling about blogs (and my usual "start a weblog! now!") and started a weblog :). He's one of the best developers I know, so he's sure to post some interesting stuff. Check out his wide range of interests (and knowledge) in some of his initial posts, from Keystroke emulation in Win32, to Java Swing Tips to Stack trace annotations. If my brain wasn't fried (18 hour day so far and all) I'd make some interesting comments on those, but for the moment I'll just link to them. Welcome Martin! :)

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Posted by diego on January 26 2005 at 12:05 AM

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