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Zend Studio: PHP for Java developers

Well, almost. :) I've been learning PHP recently and while at first I was a bit lost (what with coming from an all-encompassing IDE like Eclipse and all), fortunately I quickly switched to Zend Studio, which completely rocks.

Ted recently had a cool post on the IDE issue related to Python and Java, and I think that his comments (and some of the underlying discussion linked from his post) also apply to PHP.

Zend is really great as an environment in that regard (plus the environment is written in Java, using Swing. The first clue was the menu-border bug in WinXP, they should be using winlaf for an easy fix!). Because of its integrated debugging and execution environment (even installs Apache & PHP and allows you to work against that), and things like autocomplete, it feels very close to what Java people (read: me) are used to, and it surely makes things easier for newbies as well.

Anyway, if you use PHP or are interested in working with it, give Zend a try if you haven't yet, you will surely find it useful.

PS: I've been using their Zend Studio 4.0 Beta. I can't speak for 3.5 but I don't think it's that far in terms of functionality from 4.0. And, even though 4.0 is beta, I haven't had any problems with it , it's been pretty solid so far.

Posted by diego on January 27 2005 at 2:14 PM

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