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today is saturday?!?

So I'm on the phone with a friend this morning and I'm asking if he's ditching work today (since he's telling me how he's going to the beach with wife & family and all) and he laughs quietly. "No, I'm not working today." A few confused moments later and it turns out that this is reasonable, you know, because it's Saturday!

Damn. So I tell him how yesterday night I had ordered some stuff through the internet from Tesco (big items that I can't carry easily, paper towels, that sort of thing) and how I was pissed at them because they had only set a Saturday delivery date for me. I spent the entire day yesterday absolutely convinced that it was Thursday. And this entire morning convinced that it was Friday. Plus today I was even more confused since I went to sleep at 2 am and woke up at 5 , then unable to sleep just got to work and chat with Russ, who was recovering his system from an attack yesterday morning (and hopefully he'll be back up soon).

Then after some well-deserved heckling my friend says, "well, you should know the date because of your blog. You post there after all." But then, in one of those moments when the words are out of your mouth before you know what you're saying, I reply: "my blog knows the what day it is. *I* don't."

We depend on software do we not. And there's the extent to which it is true.

Plus: if anyone can tell me what happened to last week, I'd be grateful. January, too.

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Posted by diego on January 29 2005 at 12:23 PM

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