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myeclipse: it's all about the config

I got several comments to my myeclipse: slow post a few days ago, from others that said, basically, that they didn't see any of those performance problems in their daily usage of Eclipse. Additionally, there was a comment from Riyad (from MyEclipse support) which mentioned a few things to look at, etc. Thanks to everyone for their comments, they definitely made a difference in making me take a second look at the product.

Okay, now the problem was that I had uninstalled, reinstalled a "clean" eclipse, and didn't have time to try everything again, until this morning. I set out with patience early today. I installed a clean copy of tomcat (5.0.30), a clean copy of MyEclipse 3.8.4 (for Eclipse 3.0.x), and tried again.

Initially, I saw the same problems as before. JSPs would appear to have syntax errors (ie. I couldn't get myEclipse to find the JSTL files, etc). I tried adding on the JSTL config myself but couldn't make it work either. Riyad's instructions did not help.

Ah, but then I thought, wait a minute, maybe the problem is that I'm trying to use a pre-existing project with the web development features.

So I created a new project with J2EE/Web Development, and, sure enough, things worked. I selected JSTL right from the start, along with the proper directory configuration, and a few minutes later the "hot deploy" feature was working.

Additionally, I haven't (yet) experienced any slowdown related to all the features that myEclipse provides.

So, take note: if myEclipse is running slowly, it's possible that the problem is that your configuration is wrong somewhere. Try creating a new project from scratch (and when it's working, removing the old ones) and properly specifying libraries, features you're using (such as JSTL or Hibernate), etc.

Conclusion: much better now that everything seems to work. The hot deploy feature is pretty good, although I've already seen it get confused a few times, the integration is definitely a plus. More later when I've had more time to play with it!

Posted by diego on February 6 2005 at 3:28 PM

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