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so THAT'S why!

I had a sequence of reactions to this article in the New York Times which deals with Google's recent approval as an Internet registrar.

First, the obligatory rolling of eyes at people "wondering" and "worrying" and "speculating" about every single move of Google. Let the guys do their work in peace ok? If it's world domination, then fine, let them try.

Second, was a raised eyebrow as I read the following:

Eileen Rodriguez, a Google spokeswoman, hardly quelled the speculation by explaining that the whole thing was really a learning opportunity for the company.
To this, I followed with an interested (muttered) "A-ha". But then the actual quote went on:
Google "has become a domain name registrar to learn more about the Internet's domain name system," she said recently in an e-mail message. "While we have no plans to register domains at this time, we believe this information can help us increase the quality of our search results."
To this, I just laughed out loud, quite literally, for several seconds. I still giggle at it every time I read it.

Come on boys! That's the line you feed to your spokespeople? "We became a domain name registrar to learn more about the Internet's domain name system"?!?!?? Yes!


Maybe this is practice, you know.

When Google announces they are releasing, say, a web browser, they will say "We are not interested in the browser business, this is just to learn more about web browsers and stuff."

Then, if they want to release an Operating System: "We are not interested in OSes. This is just to learn more about computers. And stuff."

And Larry or Sergey will show up and whisper something in the ear of whoever is giving the interview, and then they will add: "Right. To improve search results too. You know?"

Cue Mr. Burns: "And remember... a shiny new donkey for whoever brings me the head of Colonel Montoya."

And still laughing... :)

PS: Before anyone starts "explaining". Yes, I know that some of the info available only to registrars, and that can help, etc, etc. I just find the spokeperson's choice of words quite hilarious (aside from imagining the innocent look on their eye while they essentially say, straight-faced "Thinking of a product that is not pure search engine? Us? Noooooooooooo!").

Don't you? :)

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Posted by diego on February 7 2005 at 1:26 PM

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