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a tool's influence

I keep seeing flashes of text, sentence-bursts that I have the impulse to blog and then, inevitably, evaporate in a "nah, too short." I have no doubt that in my case not just the tool (movabletype) but also my weblog's design have influenced me to go for longer, article-like posts rather than the shorter posts we see elsewhere. Similarly, weblogs based on other tools (most notably Radio) tend to be more of a mix of snippets and medium-length posts with the occassional medium length article and only every once in a while a really long post...

So what I've been wondering is, how to merge these two? Not just in terms of the tool (currently no tool seamlessly moves from one end of the spectrum to the next, at best, some provide plugins to deal with linkblogs, etc, and Radio has both "posts" and "stories" but the granularity isn't enough and stories are outside of the normal flow of the weblog). Also, in terms of the UI, navigation, and content evolution. A newspaper view comes to mind.

I've been looking for something entertaining to do with PHP. Maybe this is it.

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Posted by diego on February 13 2005 at 11:42 AM

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