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the valley!

W00t! Here I am! :)

I was going to post before leaving Dublin but as it turned out I didn't have time. Too many things to prepare.

I'm totally psyched, even after not sleeping much for the last few days, and for the most part in "automatic mode" until I can manage to settle a bit. I arrived at SFO last night around 5, after leaving Dublin in fairly intense cold and hopping at Heathrow in the middle of an on-and-off snowstorm. Things ready for the most part, in a nice apartment, although no phone or Internet access yet (which is why I'm writing this offline, at 6 am in between software installs, organizing stuff around the apartment, and having some coffee :)).

More later as I start having persistent connectivity along with time to write!

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Posted by diego on February 24 2005 at 1:57 AM

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