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how to reboot an iPod photo

One of the things that happened while traveling was that about an hour into the LHR-SFO flight my iPod photo went nuts and started just to skip all songs without playing them. I came to the conclusion that it needed a reboot, but not having a notebook with me (I'm just carrying my data on a portable hard drive) I couldn't connect it and reboot it that way. I assumed (correctly as it turns out) that there should be a way to reboot it by using some key combination, but I didn't bring the iPod manual (such as it is) with me. I did have iPod: the missing manual but that was on one of the suitcases and so out of reach.

I tried a lot of options, mostly involving key combinations, but couldn't make it happen. Once I got here, I was able to check the book and the instructions to reboot both regular iPods and iPod minis were there, but, alas, no instructions to reboot an iPod photo. I decided to try the iPod mini way first (since it's a newer product) and it worked.

This is probably common knowledge to most long-time iPodders, but it was news to me. :)

Here's how to do it: put the Hold switch in ON, then back to OFF. Then press MENU and SELECT simultaneously and hold for a bit, and on release the iPod should reboot. According to the missing manual it is possible that the iPod is misbehaving due to battery charge confusion (not sure how that would happen, but anyway...) and for that you can plug it to the charger so that you can rule out that problem.

Speaking of iPod: did you know that European iPods can't play as loudly as American ones? Yep, the EU enforces "stricter" standard for maximum volumes in portable devices. Apparently, people aren't smart enough to know when they are blowing their ear drums off, or when they can't hear anything else except the music, and assumming they did want to do that, for some bizarre reason, then they shouldn't be allowed.

Now that is government regulation run amok.

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Posted by diego on February 25 2005 at 6:58 PM

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