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the nooked rss directory


So, last week Nooked publicly released the application that I wrote for them during late December and January: The Nooked RSS Directory.

The directory is an interesting app: basically a resource of corporate RSS feeds (including Podcasts). Data is still being added, so there are some categories that don't yet contain many entries. One of the points of this particular app is that there is "editorial control" (similar to the Yahoo! directory) and so a level of relevance should me maintained throughout the entries.

While the nature of blogs (and the web itself) makes centralization difficult to maintain, directories are of course useful resources, and in this case, for many people that are only now approaching RSS from a corporate communications point of view, the directory would be a useful resource to get started and find information on the companies or products that they are interested in, and they could submit their own feeds.

It took a bit longer that originally planned, but it's great to finally see it deployed. The OPML view of the listings has some interesting consequences--but that's for later! :)

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Posted by diego on March 1 2005 at 9:02 AM

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