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inertia breaks

It begins: "this would be interesting to blog about." Some notes are made. Thoughts organized. In-brain sessions held, middle of the night, smoke-filled-backroom-atmospheric-like. Then nothing happens: you're too busy. Busy, busy, busy, busy. "Tomorrow," tou think. Tomorrow turns into Tomorrow again. Ideas accumulate. Things you wanted to comment on further start to become stale. Events pass you by. There's another earthquake! Grokster v. MGM is in play, and everyone talks about it, even if a decision is not expected until June or thereabouts. Services launch. Get invited to some of them, use them. Even more things to talk about. Even less time.

Comments are posted, page rebuilds, and MovableType's all-seeing all-knowing configuration with its "show posts for last seven days" (which you keep forgetting to find some way around) suddenly yields an empty page. Blank.

But a blank page is full of possibility too. Like a desert.

And hey, Spring is here!

Inertia breaks.

Sort of. :)

Categories: personal
Posted by diego on March 29 2005 at 5:26 PM

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