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'24' or how I learned to stop worrying and ignore the plot

"I heard your Dad went into a restaurant. Then everyone was a bad guy in the restaurant. So your Dad killed everybody in the restaurant. Then he ate the furniture in the restaurant. Then they had to close the restaurant"

A hypothetical comment from Ralph Wiggum to Kim Bauer.

24 hasn't jumped the shark, it's ran over the shark, taken it home, fried it, and had it for breakfast.

I mean, really. Just how many bad guys are there in the world? With capabilities that at this point almost defy the laws of physics, never mind mere human legalities. Not only these hypothetical bad guys show up everywhere, they do it faster, and better equipped, than everyone else. The plot get crazier and crazier, even without getting Kim chased by cougars, which is saying a lot.

And even so, I find myself unable to stop watching it, with guilty fascination, as if looking at a train wreck in slow-motion, rolling my eyes, literally, every 20 minutes or so, and hoping that we may get to see another one of those great Jack-Bauer-action sequences.

And maybe wait for another cougar to show up... :)

On the plus side, the West Wing had a great season finale.

PS: nothing like a rant to get those blogging juices flowing. :)

Posted by diego on May 1 2005 at 10:17 PM

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