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the 25th hour (the hour, not the movie)

And we return to that age-old ritual of computer geekdom in which a day turns into night turns into day... and we keep working.

I'd been getting into the groove gradually in recent weeks and months, but only tonight I broke the 'trip to Australia' mark. Now that I think of it May seems like a common month for me for this kind of thing.

Yeah, yeah, I know. After last year's burnout, in theory this isn't something that I should be relishing. In theory. But as Homer says, "In theory, communism works." Plus, you know, after a burnout or writing block or something of the sort you kinda wonder if you have actually burned out some circuit somewhere...

But what of the sense of enjoyment at getting stuff done at warp speed, being so much into something cool, and getting it done, that you don't really care for sleep. (The phrase "I'll sleep next month" is a favorite).

All the while the Scorsese fan in the back of my mind keeps bringing up Paul Newman's Fast Eddie in the last scene of The Color of Money, grinning as he breaks, and says: "I'm BACK."


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Posted by diego on May 10 2005 at 5:46 AM

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