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atomflow redux

Mark Paschal has just published a cool perl module that continues along the atomflow idea:

To help myself build atomflow style tools, I wrote XML::Atom::Filter, a Perl module to build command line Atom processing tools around the XML::Atom library.

I've been slowly (ever so slowly) adding bits and pieces to the atomflow tools over the last few months. This is just what I needed to definitely get me off my slumber and pull together another release.

Ideas I want to explore in this space are not only related to more command-line tools (and Mark has some great ideas there in his post!), but also to creating pipes directly from server to server (that the network is the disk drive again) and do straight flows that can be tied together without ever settling down. For command line my thing is Java, but for the web I'd like to try some PHP, which is simple, fast, and flexible enough. Anyway, I'll try to make a couple of hours within the next few days to do this. Not right now. Too busy. Lots going on. :)

Posted by diego on June 24 2005 at 12:22 AM

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