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Got to Foo Camp relatively late, around 8:30 pm, after picking up Drew Endy in SF (he was at a conference there, and since I was on the way north, I gave him a ride up to Foo Camp. Drew (and those in his lab at MIT) are doing mind-blowing stuff in trying to figure out how to code DNA to make it do what they want. "DNA on Rails". So even though we got here late, that unique part of Foo had already started, at least for me (maybe not so much for Drew, since I basically pestered him with questions the whole time). I was thinking that what I'd like to do from the top down (make software behave more like organisms) is what they're working on doing from the bottom up (figure out how to code to the software that organisms already have). From one end it's getting the black box and tries to figure out how to make it do what you want. From the other, it's trying to emulate the external behavior of the black box and make other things do what the black box does. Box are way too interesting to make them justice at midnight after an exhausting day. :)

I did miss Tim's kickoff presentation, which was incredibly interesting when I saw it at EuroFoo last year.

All rooms have been taken and I couldn't get a hotel, so I'll be sleeping in the car. Since I won't be sleeping much, I don't anticipate it will be too bad. :)

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Posted by diego on August 19 2005 at 11:35 PM

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