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Ayayay, I'm at risk of turning into a monothematic weblog. Oh well.

Yesterday there was the article. But my favorite for some strange reason is the brief mention of Ning as "the thing" over at USA Today's hot sites section. Sadly, no permalink, so I need to take a screenshot of that, or something.

Speaking of permalinks. Check out the latest post by Gina over at the Ning blog -- I think it's a cool summary of the kinds of things we'll start seeing more of in the playground. Krazydad has also been doing some cool cloning/retargeting/etc (Check out his user pivot). He started off with a great post a couple of days ago and since then he's been cloning and repuposing a bunch of apps for his own interests, for example spot the geek (a clone of this or that), or KrazyBooks (a clone of bookshelf).

Oh, and this one's special for Scoble: Tablet PC Duel! :-).

PS: the "user pivot" I linked to above only shows hits for public, not private, content.

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Posted by diego on October 7 2005 at 10:29 AM

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