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ning 2.0

ninglogo.gifLast week we released a new version of Ning. With websites and webservices it makes less sense to talk about versions (we've of course made many releases since the launch last October), but this change was both extensive and highly visible. What's new has been discussed at length in the days I was gone, so I won't add to it -- check out the Ning Blog entries (here and here) for the release and David's comments. One of my favorite changes is by now a clear distinction in the UI between developer and non-developer paths. The tension in our first rev between being clear about technical issues and highlighting features developers worry about less but that are crucial for most non-coders was palpable. A single UI can't do everything, and in this case you definitely need two (or, eventually, a self-adapting UI that shows you what you have selected as being interesting, but that kind of degree of control will take more time to implement).

That aside, I have been notoriously slow in producing a blog entry for the ning blog that talks about our architecture and the performance work we've done and continue to do. Hopefully I'll fix that this week.

And now back to work. We've got some pretty cool stuff coming down the line. :)

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Posted by diego on February 20 2006 at 6:47 PM

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