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Ubuntu Feisty on OS X and VMWare Fusion


So I tried running Feisty on Parallels but no dice -- it would boot but go no further. Additionally Parallels doesn't seem to know Ubuntu exists (they know about Xandros, but not Ubuntu?).

So I tried it in VMWare Fusion (Beta 3) and it worked perfectly. The VMWare Tools installed flawlessly as well. Performance is great, but then again, the machine does have two dual core Xeons. :-)

Running Ubuntu inside OS X is mostly useful if you want to test browsers for example or verify something platform-specific. OS X is too good a UNIX to make me miss Linux. Parallels does come in handier for XP/Vista tests, which also run pretty fast. Most of the time, though, is OS X all the way. Right now the only disadvantage that has is the lack of an official, final version of Java 6 (which we all assume will come with Leopard...), but you can get the developer preview from Apple's Developer Connection, so API-wise, at least, you're mostly covered.

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Posted by diego on April 20 2007 at 8:09 PM

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