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fast-food lawsuits

Related to my previous entry The Economist this week has an article commenting on fast food lawsuits. About two months ago salon ran a story on the same topic.

In essence some idiot is suing the fast food industry accusing them of selling him (and getting him "addicted" to) food that made him fat. Sure. Did they force-feed it into him too?

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Posted by diego on August 3, 2002 at 8:16 PM

public and private spaces

A couple of days ago Ray Ozzie was considering why he should use a weblog. In particular, he was wondering why it would be useful to have to "split his mind" between public and private expression (in particular, I suppose, regarding Groove Networks). Jon Udell from Byte replied in his own weblog with an excellent summary of the uses of a public space. After that response and several others, Ray decided that it was indeed worthwhile.

This is clearly a question that the weblogging community will have to address, and clearly, sooner or later: people are a bit afraid of "exposing" themselves through a weblog. Ray's question what, I think, a bit more abstract. But the larger issue remains in the background.

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Posted by diego on August 3, 2002 at 7:58 PM


For some reason today I am more angry than usual at how bad current systems are in terms of usability. Simple tasks such as knowing how much free space is there aren't simple anymore: there is regular free space (which could the fragmented and thus maybe affect performance), if you are close to the limit and have many files to copy you have consider cluster size on the disk, and then in the case of Windoes some free space is reserved by the OS for System Restore and such things. All part of a race to provide more features so that more money could be charged for the products so that the investors would be happy, etc etc.

I think that the dot-com craze might have contributed (in bad ways such as what I mentioned before, and with more crazy examples like this) by putting money above anything else. It also seems that in terms of technology (and save for a few examples such as the Palmpilot) we have yet to seriously consider how to provide software and hardware for the masses. Systems that will do what they have to do and won't need replacing for years. That will be easy to use. That will not blame the user. Is this too much to hope for?

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Just watched Magnolia for the ... third time I think. Such an incredible story. So well done.

Why is reality stranger than fiction?

Hard to say more. The images and emotions are too immediate. Maybe more tomorrow.

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Posted by diego on August 3, 2002 at 12:34 AM

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