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an email program that works

Through Scott Rosenberg: "All I want for christmas is an email program that works."

Christmas eh?

His wish may yet be granted. Stay tuned...

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Posted by diego on August 16, 2002 at 10:50 PM

secure semi-public collaboration

Jon Udell comments on Ray Ozzie's and others postings on security, colaboration and weblogs. He says:

Weblogs don't yet offer an architectural solution to secure semi-public collaboration. Wrapping SSL and passwords around your blog can work, but the administrative hassles involved push this option far off the path of least resistance. Groove-style "always-on" and "complacency-immune" security sounds appealing, but it's not a solution yet either.

Exactly the same problem exists in ad hoc networks (specially wireless ad hoc) and weblogs and ad hoc nets have many similarities (a point I was making a few days ago). So a solution from one should eventually find its way into the other.

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Posted by diego on August 16, 2002 at 8:41 AM

health care for the poor

A survey that analyzes what changes would be possible in health care in poor countries with only a bit of money, and how to give good use to the limited resources they have (by targeting specific disease groups that are more prevalent, or adapting treatments geographically)

In Tanzania, for example annual health spending is about $10 a head (five years ago it was $8). Shows what a really small world-wide redistribution of wealth would really do.

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Posted by diego on August 16, 2002 at 8:22 AM

wardrobe on the net

A CNET interview with the CEO of Phillips Semiconductor. What's the next market chips? Wardrobe, it seems.

We have a major retailer in the U.K. that is labeling all its materials with smart tags. We have a clothing manufacturer that we can't announce that is going to incorporate the tags in all of its products. The neat thing about it is that it is not only for inventory tracking and so forth, but they will also use it in the stores for checkout and tracking that. And it also guarantees the genuineness of the product.

Nice. No mention of tracking after the store. That would never happen. Of course not.
Sure. And while we're at it. in the process of making millions of dollars selling clothing that can tell the manufacturer where it gets stored in your house, maybe someone would care to consider the hundreds of millions of people that can't buy any food, let alone clothing. Will we ever start to think about technology in terms of what it can do for the 95% of the world that doesn't live in a sea of luxury?

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Posted by diego on August 16, 2002 at 12:18 AM

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