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on open source

Don has posted some thoughts on open source:

My issue is with the word 'proper'. Open source extremists belive all software should be open source. Extremists on the other end believe that source code, like dirty underwear, should be kept proprietary.
I agree. I would also take a moment on the definition of "open source." It seems to me that often these days "open source" is being equated to "free," which is not the case, although they often go together. So before I continue with my ideas on open source in future posts, I would like to clarify what are (in my opinion) the two main points of discussion:
  • The dilemma of open-source software: namely, that anyone can take the sources and sell the product on their own, or incorporate it into their own product without properly rewarding the person/group/organization that created it in the first place. Additionally, innovations can be deprived of their inherent value by widespread copying.
  • The dilemma with free software: if all software is free, how do programmers/developers/designers make a living? How does the industry foster innovation?

  • Note that these are what I think are the problems under discussion. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are something inherently "bad" about open source, i just means that we haven't yet figured out if they are bad or good, and in truth not that many people have been discussing this publicly (although I expect most people would have an opinion formed one way or another).

    The benefits of open source (and of free software) are manifold: good for education, for non-profits, for people/groups that simply can't afford them (think Africa, Latin America, etc) and that would be greatly benefited by using it, good for security products, etc, etc.

    I will continue posting other ideas in the next few days... and refining these.

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    Posted by diego on October 28, 2002 at 9:32 PM

    one more on spaces

    Russ says: Spaces: Chandler Done Right:I checked out the home page and it looks great. From what Diego says, it's working and handing his 7000 emails already... 100% Pure Java, it's got a UI that looks like a native app. Add me to that list of people super-curious to check out the code! Too bad it's not going to be free as in beer... oh well.

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    Posted by diego on October 28, 2002 at 9:18 PM

    on spaces

    Adam Gaffin, from Network World Fusion has commented on the upcoming release of spaces. He says: "Another anti-Outlook coming". :-)

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    Posted by diego on October 28, 2002 at 5:50 PM

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