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California Doctor's Suicide Leaves Many Troubling Mysteries Unsolved:

"[...] Police and federal investigators began to unearth evidence that Larry Ford had another life that he was not just a brilliant, if somewhat geeky, gynecologist who hoped to develop a device to protect women from AIDS.

Buried next to his swimming pool they found canisters containing machine guns and C-4 plastic explosives. In refrigerators at his home and office, next to the salad dressing and employee lunches, were 266 bottles and vials of pathogens among them salmonella, cholera, botulism and typhoid. The deadly poison ricin was stored, with a blowgun and darts, in a plastic bag in the family room. A compartment under the floorboards held medical files on 83 women."

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Posted by diego on November 3, 2002 at 1:56 PM

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