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apple v. mozilla

A article with a bit of the reasons for Apple going with KHTML instead of Gecko for their Safari browser. I think that of all of the reasons given, fear of AOL might have been the one with most weight. As the article says:

Though shared enmity with Microsoft has made Apple's relations with AOL Time Warner comparatively warm, the question remains whether Apple would want to trade in its browser reliance on the world's largest technology company for that of the world's largest media and technology company.

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Posted by diego on January 14, 2003 at 3:48 PM

looking for wireless skepticism

Dylan is looking for links to the discussions where it was disputed that Cringely had actually built the system he described in an article.

I found this article from O'Reilly Network that explains the basis for some of the skepticism. Apparently Cringely was making contradictory statements and refused to attend a meeting of the Nocat wireless community to describe his setup.

There are some more links on this page from Seattle Wireless.

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Posted by diego on January 14, 2003 at 11:36 AM

my mailbox under attack

For the past few days my mailbox has been under attack by the W32/Sobig virus, which apparently surfaced around Jan. 3. (Here is the coverage). I've been receiving an average of 25 messages a day from the worm (and the number of messages have grown every day), all of them to public addresses in the dynamicobjects website. 90% of them seem to originate on Outlook Express clients.

The interesting thing is that since I use spaces the virus can't infect my machine. I have set up a rule so that the message (which always originates from the bogus address "") is automatically deleted. So it doesn't really affect me, since it can't infect my machine, and I don't even see it. But... the virus has such high volume that it's become a bandwidth nuisance, mainly because I am on a modem connection (I probably wouldn't care if I was on DSL).

A lot of attention on viruses has been given to the effects they have on machines, the threat to data, etc. But I think that in the near future the threat will change a bit from that to bandwidth/time. Just wait until some unscrupulous spammer figures out how to put his "marketing message" into one of these things. Sheesh. Luckily the chance of that happening is low, since they'd be opening themselves to legal charges far more serious than spamming.

In any case, I guess that if it doesn't let up in the next day or so I am going to have to change the bounce configuration in my mail server. What a pain.

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Posted by diego on January 14, 2003 at 11:02 AM

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