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sun & linux

Charles Cooper has an interesting opinion piece on about how Sun has been reacting to Linux.

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Posted by diego on February 18, 2003 at 11:16 PM

more 24

So, tonight I took a short break and watched the 3rd hour of the 'second day' of 24. Finally, this is the series that I like! I have to say that the first two episodes had been a bit underwhelming. Too many disconnected things going on and not enough tension. I was expecting it to be a slow starter, and it was. When this episode finished I wanted to see the next one immediately, something that didn't particularly happen with the first two, but that always happened with the first series.

Related to 24, James said that the "I'm gonna need a hacksaw" quote should be more like the quote for the entire two series, rather than just my 'quote of the day'. I agree. It's rare that a single line defines a character so well, in so many dimensions (given the context of the situation, of course).

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Posted by diego on February 18, 2003 at 11:13 PM

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