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SARS fears spread

All but forgotten in the midst of the War coverage, SARS seems to be spreading, slowly but surely. CDC has warned that it seems to spread through contact and repeated exposure, and might even be airborne. The death rate related to the disease has remained around 4%, but since there's no cure, it can only be stopped by treatment, in many cases requiring mechanical respirators. It seems to me that if this hits an area with insuficient resources it could create a real health crisis. Even more, since they still aren't sure of how it spreads, every time there's an outbreak they have to quarantine everyone in an area, and this means hospitals will be the hardest hit, for obvious reasons. Today a hospital in Canada had to shut down and place everyone inside under quarantine.

As if humans weren't creating enough problems, now this...

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Posted by diego on March 30, 2003 at 6:26 PM

Java to be bundled on PCs

According to this article, Sun expects that some major PC makers wil "soon" will begin bundling the JVM with their installations. About time. Once the JVM is widely deployed, then the "JVM gap" will disappear. Hopefully before (or soon after) that happens, Sun will come up with a proper mechanism for handling Java versions (as I've expressed before... I don't quite like the idea of 100 million PCs with two or three different versions of Java installed and the consequent potential for confusion among users that could create.

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Posted by diego on March 30, 2003 at 12:30 AM

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