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steal this barcode

Found through this Salon article:

The Web site parodies the design and chipper lingo of's "name your own price" shopping site. It invites shoppers to "recode your own price," by making their own barcodes using the site's barcode generator. The theory: There's just a 10-digit number standing between you and a better deal on anything that you want in a store, and this site will help you crack the code.
One of those strange things that the net makes eminently easy. The article wonders: "Is it social commentary, or shoplifting?". On one hand, it certainly sounds like an interesting thing that this can be possible. On the other, it doesn't feel entirely right. One thing's for certain, it's yet another way in which the Internet has shown the problem with "old techniques". Same as in the music industry, where before you could copy things if you wanted, but the quality was probably not goot, and it was a chore. Suddenly it's easy, and everyone is doing it (Not that everyone is stealing barcodes, I assume...). But it does come from an unexpected source, doesn't it?

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Posted by diego on April 12, 2003 at 4:43 PM

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