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a chat with russ

Had a cool chat with Russ tonight... he showed me a short spec of the new stuff he's working on, VERY cool. Can't wait to see it running!

I gotta get myself one of these intelliphones... for cool new things like what Russ is working on, and also to test spaces synchronization against it. Finally the Nokia 7650 can be obtained here in Ireland... but the 3650 is better, and while they supposedly have it, most stores don't. On top of that, it's really expensive, even with a contract. The 7650, which was one of the first intelliphones out there, can't be obtained for less than $100, and that's if you sign a contract for Euro 50 a month for a year at least. My own provider (O2) will not upgrade me for less than Euro 200 (!!) because I haven't spent more than Euro 1500 a year (!!!!). Talk about ignoring the customer. And all that, with the UK having incredible prices... shipping across the Irish sea must be really, really expensive no?

Oh well.

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Posted by diego on April 16, 2003 at 12:33 AM

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