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(simple) roundtrip weblog/RSS/email integration

I've just completed (including testing) the integration of the weblog posting code and UI into clevercactus. Now I can not only post to my weblog from within cactus, but I can also repost an email to a weblog entry (after editing of course) and, even better, I can use an RSS feed item as the source. So commenting to other posts on my own weblog is now really, really easy. A clevercactus first! In simplicity of setup and use at least :-). No more copy/paste madness. It's compatible with Blogger, Radio and MovableType, which in the end meant that I had to implement different calls for each system (or slightly modified calls, in the case of Radio and MT--but enough to force me to test everything twice--last week's work on Weblog APIs, and all the comments in the entries, really helped me understand better the current state of things, what to expect, and not to expect).

The new functionality also means that if, say, two people are subscribed via RSS to a weblog and they can both post to the weblog as well (with different users for example) then presto!: you've got a weblog-based discussion space, mirrored on the client, with no need for administration aside from what you were already doing to maintain the weblog. You can publish new entries, or republish from any other data source with or without comments, either from cactus or from the weblog software. It's only scratching the surface of what cactus will be able to do, but it's a good first step. I'm happy. :-)

Now to fix some remaining bugs so I can release all of this in a new beta (r6) to the list tonight...


ps: of course, I'm posting this from within clevercactus. :-)

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Posted by diego on May 12, 2003 at 5:13 PM

the technorati API

[via Erik]: David Sifry has released the Technorati API (using REST). Very cool. Just from a research point of view the Technorati database could be a great source of information for studying network effects, structure, and so on.

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Posted by diego on May 12, 2003 at 11:58 AM

the 'cabal'

Selective Intelligence, an interesting article in this week's New Yorker.

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Posted by diego on May 12, 2003 at 3:01 AM

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