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pattern recognition v2

I've finished reading it. Left the last 25 pages or so for pre-sleep time, although now, having read them, past that theoretical pre-sleep time (miscalculated actually, since I rarely go to sleep before early AM), I'm uncertain if I'll actually get to sleep tonight, with the sea of words that's taken over my head.

Will take some time to process. Off for now.

Posted by diego on June 23, 2003 at 11:40 PM

pattern recognition

Yes, the book. By William Gibson. Which I received as a gift from Dylan and Tracey (can't thank them enough for it), and my copy is signed by the man himself.

I haven't finished it yet. I started it Saturday and to say that I couldn't read more than a sentence without fainting would be exaggerating, but not by much. JFC. Didn't get past page 50. Left it on the bed next to the pillows.

Today I was working on cactus database access optimization, and juggling different algorithms in my head, and I needed a break. Allow the subconscious to do its parsing. The book was there. Waiting. I started reading again maybe three hours ago. I can't stop now. Screw dinner.

It's definitely his best work since Neuromancer. Not that other books, say, Idoru, or All Tomorrow's Parties are inferior, it's just that this one is so right on the mark, and so surprising in how Gibson's voice shows us the present that it's nothing short of astonishing. His two-page description of 9/11 is the best one I've read, fiction or non-fiction (as much as a real event can be fictionalized, you understand), by a mile. Two miles. Whatever.

I'm posting this, by the way, as a sort of therapy, some reason to pull me out of that book, of the trance in which it has enveloped me, for a few minutes, and walk around the house, do whatever. Some way to reclaim the "real world" a collection of feelings and sounds that has receded into something possibly more distant and certainly less lyrical than the quasi-reality of the book.

Even if at the end Cayce discovers that the footage is being created by a disgruntled teenager from Singapore and applying the watermark by way of a Russian mafia ex-boyfriend, I won't care. Page 300 or so, and it's already way up there with Gravity's Rainbow, Ulysses, and, of course, Neuromancer.

Okay. Okay. Breathe deep. Back to it...

Posted by diego on June 23, 2003 at 6:24 PM

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