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I knew this would happen. I just knew. Subconsciously, maybe I even did it on purpose, so then I'd have to explain. And, hey! More blogging about blogging!

Friday, July 11, marked one year of blogging for me. I realized that on thursday (yes, the 10th) and I had this need to write something, and so I did. But what then? Publish it right at that moment? Didn't seem right. At all. I had transported my head to the next day somehow, to feeling whatever the "one year mark" meant, and I was back, but I couldn't set the entry to publish in fire-and-forget mode at later day. MovableType is wonderful, but it doesn't have that feature yet. So I saved it as a draft, and left it there, unpublished. For the next day.

Trouble is, the next day I didn't look at the list of drafts. I post mostly from cactus, ocassionally from the web, and both ways let me get directly to what I want to write.

Conclusion: draft went unseen. I forgot. Completely. Then today I was running, and I remembered.

I'm babbling about this because often I've started posts that maybe took a bit to write, and so were left in draft state, but when I finished them I simply saved them again without changing the publish state... and so I got to thinking that maybe there should be a way to associate a calendar event with a certain post. Would be useful for a number of things too... sounds like something interesting for cactus.

Random mindjump: I've been thinking about doing a small redesign to the blog, starting with removing the calendar widget. Can't seem to remember the last time I used it, on my site, or in any other site. It seems to me that if you tend to post more or less every day, it becomes a bit irrelevant.

Okay, back to the entry: I've just published it, and that's why it's showing up now (luckily MT keeps the dates for the drafts too).

And here is the link. Just in case. Anyway, I like the title of this entry at least, understatement, accuracy, hidden meaning, and a touch of math, all in one. :-)

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Posted by diego on July 13, 2003 at 5:17 PM

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